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Consuming the Craft

Mar 5, 2019

CBI007 Everyone Has an ‘O-pina’ on Scotch & Tequila with John Lyda


John Lyda is the master of all-things-brewing. He is a full-time faculty member and instructor at CBI where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on brewing, distilling, and fermentation with his students.


John joins me for today’s Booze Clues Special - his favorite type of spirit - tequila. We share our “o-pinas” on tequila and scotch and discuss some of the best-tasting tequila and scotch drinks we’ve enjoyed. We also discuss how CBI aims to help students learn the art of making craft beer, some of the upcoming classes you can participate in, and how we help breweries, distilleries, and companies develop and improve their products.




This week on Consuming the Craft:


  • What CBI does to help students learn the art of making craft beer.
  • Who the upcoming Stainless Steel Welding class aims to help and what you can expect from taking the class.
  • How we help breweries and companies troubleshoot various problems and pain points in their products.
  • How we help brewers and distillates develop new products and flavors.
  • Our history while working in the brewing industry.
  • What makes tequila a high-price product?
  • Varying flavor thresholds of certain types of beer.
  • Former students returning to CBI to become instructors.





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