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Consuming the Craft

Mar 5, 2019

CBI006 Lazy Brewing, Brilliant Marketing, and Remembering Bill Coors with John Lyda


It’s a sad time in the brewing industry. Bill (William) Coors, an executive at Coors Brewing Company, recently passed away at the age of 102. So, today, as John Lyda and I tip our glasses to remember the great Bill Coors, we share our thoughts on proper beer filtration methods and brewing styles.


John joins me to discuss “lazy brewing” and the brilliant marketing strategy behind the New England Style IPA beers. John shares his concerns for New England’s style and filtration methods and why he believes they should adopt better methods. I share why I believe their filtration method is a brilliant marketing strategy and the ying-yang balancing act of achieving optimal bitterness levels. We also share our thoughts on experiencing Brut IPA, and I learn an important lesson on what “dusty yeast” is and how it impacts the clarity of your brew.




This week on Consuming the Craft:


  • Remembering Bill Coors and his amazing accomplishments in the beer brewing industry.
  • Why John believes New England Style beers practice “lazy brewing’ techniques.
  • Why your filtration method matters when brewing beer.
  • Why I believe New England IPA’s beer style is a brilliant marketing strategy.
  • Experiencing Brut IPA beer.
  • Balancing beer bitterness in your beer finish.
  • What ‘dusty yeast’ means.
  • How dusty yeast impacts a beer’s clarity.




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