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Consuming the Craft

Mar 5, 2019

CBI009 Telling the Social, Cultural & Economic Story of NC Through the Craft Beverages Lens with Kimberly Floyd


Kimberly Floyd has a Masters degree in Public History with a concentration in Museum Studies from North Carolina State University. She currently serves as the Site Manager at Zebulon B Vance Birthplace as well as the President and Founder of the North Carolina Craft Beverage Museum.


Kimberly joins me today to explain what the NC Craft Beverage Museum is and the projects and programs currently being planned for the museum. She explains her mission for telling the social, cultural, and economic story of North Carolina through the lens of craft beverages and the project ideas she has planned to educate children on the historical culture of our state. We also share a Booze Clues moment with a “purple port surprise” while discussing some of the unusual and taboo museum attendee behaviors Kimberly has seen while traveling the world and critiquing museums.



This week on Consuming the Craft:


  • Tips for museum enthusiasts from a museum professional.
  • What is the North Carolina Craft Beverage Museum?
  • The projects she has collaborated with UNC Greensboro for research and developing programs for the museum.
  • Upcoming public access to oral history content.
  • The Booze Clues Purple Port Surprise.
  • What Kimberly is excited about for the upcoming NC Craft Beverage Museum.



Connect with Kimberly Floyd:





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