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Consuming the Craft

Mar 5, 2019

CBI010 Improving Quality & Consistency of Fermented Brews with Dan Kuleric of Precision Fermentation


Dan Kuleric is the COO of Precision Fermentation. Since it’s founding in 2017, Precision Fermentation has been dedicated to providing real-time monitoring solutions to craft brewers that dramatically enhance their...

Mar 5, 2019

CBI009 Telling the Social, Cultural & Economic Story of NC Through the Craft Beverages Lens with Kimberly Floyd


Kimberly Floyd has a Masters degree in Public History with a concentration in Museum Studies from North Carolina State University. She currently serves as the Site Manager at Zebulon B Vance Birthplace as...

Mar 5, 2019

CBI008 Life’s Too Short to Drink Bad Brandy with Dan McConnell of McConnell Farms


Dan McConnell is the owner of McConnell Farms, a family-owned farm based in Henderson County, North Carolina. Since its establishment in the 1940s, McConnell Farms has grown and produced a wide variety of crops and livestock. Today,...

Mar 5, 2019

CBI007 Everyone Has an ‘O-pina’ on Scotch & Tequila with John Lyda


John Lyda is the master of all-things-brewing. He is a full-time faculty member and instructor at CBI where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on brewing, distilling, and fermentation with his students.


John joins me for today’s...

Mar 5, 2019

CBI006 Lazy Brewing, Brilliant Marketing, and Remembering Bill Coors with John Lyda


It’s a sad time in the brewing industry. Bill (William) Coors, an executive at Coors Brewing Company, recently passed away at the age of 102. So, today, as John Lyda and I tip our glasses to remember the great Bill Coors, we share...